Qi Han

Full Professor of Computer Science, Colorado School of Mines
Brown Building 280H

PhD Students

Shneka Muthu Kumara Swamy

Jonathan Diller

Master’s Students

Undergraduate Students

Former Members

  • Na Yu, PhD, 2014, now at Samsung Research America, San Jose, CA
  • Alan Marchiori, PhD, 2011, now Assistant Professor at Bucknell University
  • Gerald Henderson, MS Thesis, 2018, now at Charter Communications
  • Mike Adkins, MS Thesis, 2017, now at Credera
  • Nicholas Hubbell, MS Thesis, 2009, now at Lockheed Martin, Littleton, CO
  • Marshall Sweatt, MS Thesis, 2015, now at LGS Innovations
  • Jesse Weaver, MS Thesis, 2015.
  • Lilia Paradis, MS Thesis, 2007, first employment at Microsoft, Seattle, WA, now at HBO
  • Chris Young, MS Project, 2015.
  • Taylor Sallee, MS Project, 2015, now at SketchUp
  • Kevin Emery, MS Project, 2015, now at Cisco
  • Daria Tolmacheva, MS Project, 2014, now at ALARM
  • Randeep Yahathugoda, MS Project, 2012, now at Ainsworth Game Technology