Qi Han

Full Professor of Computer Science, Colorado School of Mines
Brown Building 280H

PhD Students

Sam Friedman

PhD student starting Summer 2018

Shneka Muthu Kumara Swamy

PhD student starting Fall 2018

Yongjian Zhao

PhD student starting Fall 2015. BS and MS from Sun Yat-Sen University, China

Master’s Students

Undergraduate Students

Jordan Newport

Stephen New

Josh Rands

Former Members

  • Na Yu, PhD, 2014, now at Samsung Research America, San Jose, CA
  • Alan Marchiori, PhD, 2011, now Assistant Professor at Bucknell University
  • Gerald Henderson, MS Thesis, 2018, now at Charter Communications
  • Mike Adkins, MS Thesis, 2017, now at Credera
  • Nicholas Hubbell, MS Thesis, 2009, now at Lockheed Martin, Littleton, CO
  • Marshall Sweatt, MS Thesis, 2015, now at LGS Innovations
  • Jesse Weaver, MS Thesis, 2015.
  • Lilia Paradis, MS Thesis, 2007, first employment at Microsoft, Seattle, WA, now at HBO
  • Chris Young, MS Project, 2015.
  • Taylor Sallee, MS Project, 2015, now at SketchUp
  • Kevin Emery, MS Project, 2015, now at Cisco
  • Daria Tolmacheva, MS Project, 2014, now at ALARM
  • Randeep Yahathugoda, MS Project, 2012, now at Ainsworth Game Technology