Enabling Automated Oil and Gas Processes Using Unmanned Mobile Robots

The main objective of this project is to explore, develop, and demonstrate a robot prototype system for an unmanned process, or process section, to improve safety and increase reliability and to be operated in remote and harsh environments. The presence of toxic gasses (such as H2S) and very high outdoor temperatures in the Middle East region poses great risks to staff on the site of oil and gas facilities, so the clear benefits of using robotic technology for the relevant tasks such as inspection, operations and maintenance of oil and gas facilities are reliability, robustness and flexibility. Such a system will have to perform a number of different tasks, some of which are guided by a remotely located operator or operation team, and some of which are performed automatically by the robot without human intervention.


  • Qi Han (Faculty)
  • Dr. John Steele (Collaborator from Mechanical Engineering)
  • Adewole Ayoade (Master’s student in EE)


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This project is supported by Petroleum Industries in United Arab Empires.