Mote Designs

A trilogy of EPIC Core-based motes for building environmental/energy monitoring.

Building Sensor Mote

This mote is built from the EPIC Core module (MPS430F1611 with CC2420). To facilitate building monitoring we have added:

  • Panasonic MP Motion Sensor
  • Honeywell Capacitive Humidity Sensor (3%)
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Microchip High Precision Temperature-to-Voltage Converter (+/- 0.5C typical)
  • Reed relay for door/window sensing
  • Electret Condenser Microphone for audio sensing

Eagle CAD files can be downloaded here.



Building Energy Controller Mote

Building Energy Controller MoteThis mote inherits much of its design with the ACme, which is itself based on the EPIC Core module. The basic design uses an ADE7753 chip to provide real, and reactive power measurements of the load. To enable energy-efficient control we have added a Panasonic DK 10 amp dual coil latching power relay. Everything is contained within a Polycase PM2425 enclosure.

Eagle CAD files can be downloaded here.

EPIC Telos

Telos moteIn our lab the Telos mote design has been the standard mote for development. However, these motes are becoming more difficult to find. They also don’t include an enclosure, so are less suitable for production deployments where you might not want exposed PCBs. This mote is our evolution of the Telos platform. The two AA batteries are swapped for a 24mm coin cell (good riddance to the terrible double AA battery clip on the Telos). The overall dimensions are moderately smaller and it all fits into a Polycase KT-35 enclosure—but we keep the same 10 pin expansion header. To save space the USB-programming interface was removed (use the EPIC programing header). The USB interface can only be used for serial I/O; if you need to program the mote over this interface it is possible by first loading a custom bootloader on the mote (see Deluge or A Two-stage Bootloader to Support Multi-application Deployment and Switching in Wireless Sensor Networks for some ideas).